Junior Software Engineer

| omnis.cloud R&D

Our challenges

Software is a living entity, grounded on engineering and principles; we always imagined methodologies and designed frameworks to combine models and source-code, being the omnis.cloud platform the last iteration of those visions.

From code-generation, to grammars and meta-models, to programming design-patterns and API-based services, we put everything in the mix, continuously investing in these tools and their core components. It challenge ourselves to improve, boots our productivity and enables for faster successes in our projects.

Your contributions

Integrated in the omnis.cloud Engineering team, you will help evolving the architecture of our platform, from design to planning and implementation (by yourself and/or coordinating others) of evolutive proof-of-concepts and disruptive technologies to be incorporated within the platform. Despiste having room to change things for the better, being omnis.cloud the platform where our solutions are based on, there are some grounded processes already in practice: git-based source-control, release management (with at least 2-year-in-advance roadmaps), DevOps methodologies (from continuous integration to release automation and monitoring) or kanban-oriented backlogs (mixed with sprints). Being all this a collective effort, our team carries the message and culture inbuilt in our platforms. And we want your contribution for those shared goals also.

What we expect

We favour any junior or academic years of experience, as we are searching for people with:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar field around Information Systems
  • knowledge around core principles of software engineering: abstraction, loose coupling + high cohesion, algorithms vs. complex data structures, object-oriented design, design strategies and patterns
  • experience in Java or other JVM-based languages (develop + troubleshoot + debug)
  • ability to work independently and as part of a team, with good communication skills
  • mindset to design different approaches and evaluate potential solutions to technological problems, breaking them into milestones and deliverable goals
  • (nice to have) knowledge about Domain-Driven Design and Software Transactional Memory paradigms.

And in return …

There is a set of core values we try to rule ourselves by: excellence, discipline, efficiency, integrity, collaboration … besides that, here are the other things we consider the most important:

  • being part of a company that (resiliently) grows and innovates by itself, with that being by-choice as much as by-need; and we as individuals must grow also, no matter the path
  • competitive salary and the opportunity to evolve within our different areas (if desired)
  • freedom to pursue personal interests, attempting to balance them with the company needs and goals (having always in mind that value creation is mandatory)
  • health insurance + extra vacation/resting days
  • shared-costs model to attend conferences and events (that might relate to our work fields and goals)
  • to be involved in collaboration projects and initiatives with academic partner institutions
  • (when possible) performance bonus, in a mix of team+individual performance vs. qubIT results

We want you to bring your enthusiasm around technology, fueled by a spirit of work ethic and collaboration, eagerness to learn and teach, so we can all continue improving together!

PS: the data you’ve decided to provide us in applying to this job position can be deleted anytime by request to data.protection@qub-it.com